Media Communications Overview

Over the last eight months, this course had added  a whole new new outlook on how I view design.  Viewing advertisements I have learned to view now only the main message but what other aspects go into a design to invoke different emotions while getting the message across.  The mood board helped me experiment with different aspects of design.  Different sounds, colors, and fonts are all composed to bring forth the final message.  I now view movies and commercials in a whole new light by breaking down these aspects while viewing.  I learned new things about composition, rule of thirds, and the visual hierarchy when viewing a display ad or a movie.  How a human voice and audio scoring can change how an audience feels about a business, brand or movie is amazing.  Music underlines unspoken thoughts whether it is musically scored or a particular song to fit in with the theme of the movie or advertisement.  Overall this was a very informative course with a excellent instructor, these lessons will resonate with me in all my future endeavors.  Thanks!


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